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Mary Mandolin, Author


I'm fascinated by the concept of escape––from the past, from our wounds, from the rules that govern our own minds. I write self-help memoir to shed light on Complex PTSD, childhood trauma, and the many roads to wholeness.

My romance novels combine dry humor, psychological searching, and a smidge of suspense. My characters are women learning to find their voice, to own their emotions, and to find strength in vulnerability. They're men ready to reckon with their past, and past mistakes, ready to create a future different from their past.

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Release date: July 1, 2022

When Grant Samson kidnaps the wrong woman, he swears it's an accident.

Melinda Sen knows he's lying; only a monster would ignore her screams for help as he drives her through the freezing Colorado mountains. 

To make matters worse, a brutal blizzard descends upon the remote mountain cabin where Melinda is trapped. But as tension builds and sparks fly, Grant and Melinda discover there’s more at stake than limited provisions and dwindling heat. With their survival hanging in the balance, Melinda must choose between the staid safety of her passionless life and the promise of something more she feels with Grant.

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That Which We Call Mary

Mary Mandolin is the pen name I've chosen as a romance novelist and memoirist. Syllabically speaking, it reminds me of Mary Magdalene. I figure she'd have some controversial stories to tell.
I sure hope she doesn't mind the infringement.

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Word on My Street

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"Whiteout is oh-so satisfying, all sumptuous detail, with delicious characters who pop from the page. From a frigid start to a steady boil, the author serves up a spicy dish of thrill, and sizzle."

Nicole Lonner, Writer & Producer “Jam”

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I told my sister about it!

My Best Friend

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 “From folly to frostbite, from catastrophe to romance—Whiteout is an avalanche of fun to read.” 

Bruce Miller: Author, Wayfinders; Publisher, Sand River Press

Purple Flower

It's great! Why won't you let me read certain pages?

My Mom

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