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Welcome to the website of Mary Mandolin! 
Mary is the identity I've chosen as a romance novelist. For one thing, I love alliteration. For another, the name reminds me of Mary Magdalene, syllabically speaking, and I figure she'd have some engaging stories to tell. I sure hope she doesn't mind the infringement.


That Which We Call Mary

I write romance novels for romantic people. Each story is infused with a saucy bit of humor, a gentle helping of psychological searching, and a smidge of suspense. My characters are women learning to find their voice, to own their emotions, and to find strength in vulnerability. They are men ready to reckon with their past, and past mistakes. They are seekers and finders, brave souls ready to face their future.


For The Love Of The Libro

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“I can imagine no greater bliss than to lie about, reading novels all day.”

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